Plastic & Metal Custom Fabrication

The Group is comprised of three independently managed companies that specialize in custom plastic and metal fabrication for companies.

For over 14 years, this group of companies has been delivering full service custom fabrication, from conception to delivery. The team provides full project management and quality control. Using the latest CAD software, they monitor custom fabrication for on-spec conformity and on-time delivery, which offers outstanding customer service. A supply of finishing lines and equipment allows for full utilization of the potential of the Group, minimizing outsourcing and maximizing the profit margins.

A team of 50 employees is backed by strong management and leadership, which has lead to low turnover rates in its staff. The company owns both the properties it operates on, with a total area of 50,000 sq feet. Both properties are available for sale or lease at market rates. Growth can be achieved through aggressively marketing products both domestically and into the United States and Mexican markets. Properties can support twice the current sales volume.